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5 Functions of a Christian Business

Darren Laudenbach - Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We've gone into detail regarding why businesses should budget and talked about ways to please the Lord within the workplace, but it’s also important to have an occasional refresher about why we do business in the first place. The world is a busy place, one that is constantly changing, and it has truly become a harsh environment for anyone to do business, let alone believers. The vast majority of people operating as business owners, regardless of size, are in it to make money, regardless of who gets hurt or where the dollar comes from each day. However, that is not acceptable behaviour for Christians, so it can be challenging to remind ourselves of why we do business, why we opened our doors in the first place, in this sinful world.

Let us start with a Scripture. First Peter 4:10 (NIV) says:Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” This doesn't say that we should do business in order to make money, but so that we can serve others, so that we are faithful stewards of the gifts God has given us. What a starting point!

Here are five other reasons:

1. Funding God’s Kingdom

God does not need our money necessarily, because He owns everything, but we are called to be obedient in the work of the Lord. By making money and paying tithes, giving offerings and blessing others, we are funding God’s kingdom in a variety of ways. Think of it this way, your tithes and offerings are great, but by providing jobs and growing, you are creating a way for someone else to pay their tithes and offerings as well, which is adding more to the Kingdom of God. The larger it grows, the more people we can reach for Christ before it is too late. Heavy calling for business owners, but it is true.

2. Reaching the Lost

Today, most people don't go to church.  However, think about how many come through the doors of your business each day. If you provide on-line or telephone service, think about how many you have the potential of reaching that way. In a world where very few things lead people to Christ, you have the opportunity to be the light of Jesus in someone’s life. Think about it…you may be the only way—even the first way—that someone hears about the Lord. Your business could lead to the salvation of hundreds, even thousands, if you honour God in your workplace.

3. Meeting Community Needs

Whether your neighbourhood is large or small, the community has basic needs that must be met in order to grow and thrive. One of these is money, or from a broader spectrum an economy, which is the grouping of businesses and individuals to create commerce and cash flow. Your business is likely just one of many in the area, but one of your goals should be to provide for the needs of your community in a unique and practical way. For instance, before you opened your business, you likely sat down and thought about what you could offer to the area that would make money. Why did you choose your particular business? For most of us, it was because it was something missing, something that the local economy did not have, or did not have enough of in order to succeed. Even as you grow and expand, be sure to keep this in mind—we are called to meet the needs of those around us as best as we can, by providing quality tools, services and/or products at a reasonable (fair) price.

4. Making a Profit

Businesses that are not making a profit will not be sustainable, meaning that you will have to close your doors and find another source of income... and not provide your services to the community! Do what is necessary in order to turn a profit each day, paying close attention to the needs of the community, current trends in the local and national economy, and so on. Keep providing what is needed by meeting laws of supply and demand, whether your business caters to local stay-at-home mums or high-level executives around the globe.

5. Providing Your Income

We are not called to work just so that we can give it all away, forcing us to resort to drastic measures (like second or third jobs) in order to provide for our families. If God has given you a talent, your family is a key priority, so use the job to provide for your loved ones. After all, if we do not provide for our families, we are like infidels (read First Timothy 5:8). So long as you are charging a fair price and paying your employees (and your bills) what you owe, a profit is a blessing from God. However, do not forget to seek Him to find out how He wants you to spend it.